The Science Of Weight Loss And How To Maximise Fat Loss Results

The Science Of Weight Loss And How To Maximise Fat Loss Results

Weight loss is one of the major concerns of the 21st century and impartially affects people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. More people have become overweight and obese thanks to sedentary lifestyles and over-processed foods that stuck up calories and lead to weight gain. Achieving weight loss has proven to be quite daunting as it requires hours in the gym, a revolution of personal diet and total change in lifestyle. However, this process does not have to be painful or overwhelming. Once you understand the science of weight loss, establishing proper nutrition that allows you to lose extra pounds in the gym will become your new normal. Here is a brief look at the science of weight loss and how you can maximize fat loss:

Weight loss and calorie deficit

This should be a no brainer, but is still very important to explain. Without calorie deficit, you cannot lose any weight regardless of the time you spend in the gym. Calories (energy) spent must exceed calories consumed in order to lose weight. The reverse is true for those who want to gain more weight. It is recommendable to count the amount of calories you consume everyday and compare against your exercise regimen to determine if you are really burning more calories than you take in. if you are, it will only be a matter of days before you start losing weight. You do not need a big calorie deficit to lose weight; you can simply start with small differences and then adjust once you have lost a few pounds.

Weight loss and proper nutrition

You stack up more weight as a result of your eating habits and it is through the same that you can achieve weight loss. You need proper nutrition not only to stay healthy, but also to improve workout performance and prevent weight gain. Proper nutrition involves avoiding unhealthy foods such as processed sugars and junk food by resorting to nutritious alternatives, green vegetables and fruits as well as fiber-rich meals. A diet that offers balanced nutrition will help you burn more calories during your workout sessions and also improves your metabolism and hormonal functions. Junk food and highly processed foods on the other hand provide empty calories without any nutrition resulting in weight gain, reduced energy levels and vulnerable immune system.

Weight loss and workout

Perhaps you have heard that cardio workouts can help you lose weight and all weight loss recommendations advocate for regular exercises. This is nothing new as workouts such as cardio help you to burn more calories within a very short time. Exercise does not only waste away the extra calories, but also improves blood circulation, stretches your bones and muscles and refreshes the brain. Since you must spend more than you consume in order to lose weight, exercising gives you the opportunity to lose a couple more calories while benefiting your general health. With proper nutrition to energize you for exercises, you can lose weight faster than those who rely on meal portioning alone. It is advisable to consider professionally-coached workouts and exercises to help you get the most from your sessions. For a more enjoyable way to burn fat, enjoy a nice biking session in the outdoors check out  for extreme biking guides.



There are several supplements in the market and finding one is never a problem. From pre and post-workout supplements to energizers, enhanced fat metabolism, vitamin or hormone supplements, the market is populated with various brands of supplements all promoted as the ultimate choices. It is important to pick your supplements cautiously as some are total scams. However, others are great offers that you can add to your workout and weight loss regimen to maximize your benefits. Supplements generally offer the body with extra amounts of the essential nutrition, hormone, vitamin or energy it requires to accomplish various things. With supplements, you can significantly raise your performance and achieve results faster than expected. For instance, taking testosterone boosters will increase your energy levels and male virility allowing you to train harder and longer thus losing more weight in the process. It results in increased endurance and stamina which is good for exercise. 

Hormone manipulation

When it comes to losing weight, hormones play a very important role and their activities will determine your ability to lose or gain weight. Hormones regulate various aspects of our lives ranging from emotions to metabolism and their levels determine how effectively their roles are played. For instance, high insulin levels in the blood will result in more glucose being taken from the blood and converted to fat which is then stored in the body. Leptin levels on the other hand control hunger and regulate feelings of satiety while cortisol regulates metabolism and immune response. Cortisol also helps the body recover from stress. 

Hormones play major roles in almost all activities of the body including thinking, digestion and immune response. By manipulating hormone levels, you can easily position your body to burn more fat and increase your performance at the gym. Simply find the proper nutrition and supplements to boost hormones that increase energy and result in fat metabolism. Indeed most bodybuilders and athletes rely on hormone manipulation to improve their athletic performance.

Hormones are responsible for metabolizing food, storing and accessing fats, regulating stress, motivation and other emotions, coordinating communications to/from the brain, regulating hunger and facilitating various processes in the body. The list is probably inexhaustible as the human body secrets some 50 different hormones with various roles others which are yet to be discovered. This is why manipulating hormones can place you in a better state to lose weight.


The science of weight loss clearly requires one to achieve calorie deficit and establish a supportive lifestyle that combines proper nutrition with effective workout exercises such as cardio. Manipulating hormones like insulin levels, lepton levels and cortisol through supplementation will also increase your chances of losing more weight and improve your overall performance. It is important to first understand what caused the weight gain and outline the specific areas that may have led you down that path. Once you have established the risk factors and causes of weight gain, you can focus on using the above insights to help you lose weight. It does not matter if you want to lose 2 pounds or 40 pounds; the formula is the same and requires a reliable routine.

An upsetting part of weight loss is some people put hours of working out in the gym and see no results, because their routine is ineffective not because their not working hard. To reach your goal faster you must ensure you are doing everything correctly thats nutrition your workouts, sleep if you want to ensure 100% return on your hard work in the gym check out  Fatlosscode it will provide you with a whole program on exactly you need to do to start getting the body you want!

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