Weight lifting to burn fat: Why women need to grab a barbell to burn fat

Weight lifting to burn fat: Why women need to grab a barbell to burn fat


Despite there being a lot of research that supports the advantages of weight lifting for women, most women still ignore these benefits and stick to their cardio routine only. The fact is lifting weights or weight training can actually help women get their much-desired physique by increasing strength, improving lean muscle mass, and can also help them lose fat fast. If cardio is still your only favorite workout, then continue reading and soon you too will start to lift weights.

  1. Lifting weight gives you an overall better shape

Almost everyone knows that lifting weights will help increase muscle quality and size. This, in fact, is also the most important reason why most women avoid weight training. So, we shall now get to know why that extra muscle mass is not actually bad for you.

The first thing you need to know is that together with helping improve the definition and size of your muscle, weight training also increases the strength of both women and men. Increased strength and muscular size are beneficial for men and women alike particularly as they start aging. Strength is needed in all aspects of life, when you walk, stand, or even bend.

Most women believe that lifting weight will make them too bulky, but there are very, very rare chances of this happening. Men do get bulky by lifting weights but this should not stop women from doing so. There are gender differences and also variables that help prevent this from happening.

For instance, hormonal differences between women and men result in a big difference in their abilities to gain muscle mass. Furthermore, even if seen from a size perspective men and women are different. For instance, 5lb will look different on men compared to how it will look on women, particularly when they train different muscle groups.

Lastly, you may have seen many muscular men in magazines and TV. Most of them take anabolic steroids, which increases their bulk to a far greater extent. So, if you are just lifting weights you are not going to get bulky. Even if you do gain a little muscle, that too will appear not before 3-5 years, and chances are rare. So, you can easily stop when you think you have attained the kind of look you want, and thus prevent any such thing from happening at all.

  1. Lifting weight gives you a tight and athletic physique

In this list of benefits of weightlifting on the body, the second one that needs to be mentioned is that it gives you a more athletic and defined physique, something that most women desire. Many women already follow metabolic weight training programs to burn fat fast and also tone up and thus achieve a defined and lean physique.

By increasing your muscle size even slightly you can easily give the appearance of a more toned body, particularly when you start losing body fat. What is interesting is that you will not likely have to follow any strict diet routines to achieve this result.

However, if you want better results you can follow a healthier diet plan (not fully restrictive though) and then instead of looking skinny fat’ you will have a tight, fit, athletic, and toned look. Of course, lifting weight will also help you reduce fat mass, and we shall get to learn more about the same right away.

  1. Lifting weight helps you get rid of body fat

What if we tell you that lifting weight can help you shed body fat much faster and better compared to your usual cardio? You likely will not believe it, but it is true nonetheless. So, let us get to learn about the fat loss benefits of lifting weights.

It has been proven that there are brighter chances of you losing fat over the long term if you practice weightlifting alone or weight lifting combined with cardio than you would if you depend just on the cardiovascular exercises.

One of the reasons behind this is that when you lift weights you usually work more than a single muscle group simultaneously, rather than only your legs. This is particularly true when you use compound movements like deadlifts and squats, as these exercises require you to coordinate different muscle groups so as to move effectively and safely. While doing so there is a lot of calorie expenditure or energy usage.

What you need to remember is that muscle mass is metabolic and needs more energy compared to fat to function and contract regularly. Having more muscle mass is amongst the lowest priorities on your body’s agenda as it needs more fuel. This is so because it requires a lot of energy to build up and maintain, but if you are not fully starving yourself, this will only prove to be beneficial as far as weight maintenance and fat loss are concerned.

Basically, when you have lots of muscle mass, the amount of energy that your body requires to burn and produce even at rest, increases. If you have more muscle mass it needs higher energy to maintain, so you will burn more calories every day, and thus will stay leaner or fitter. This also helps you maintain weight over a longer term. If, for instance, you are burning 200 calories extra each day, then you will lose 73, 000 calories each year, which means more than 20lb of fat.

So, weight lifting indeed can help you get the body of your dreams without having to worry about looking bulky or bad. Weight training has other benefits to offer as well – it makes you feel happier and reduces symptoms of depression. It can also help combat osteoporosis in women by improving bone density. Furthermore, you will have stronger bones, your heart will be healthier, you will be more productive, your mind and body will be stronger, and you may also love longer if you lift weights on a regular basis. These benefits are surely enough to lure you into weight training, so waste no time, get enrolled in a gym or hire a trainer and start with your weight lifting program right from today.

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