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Top 6 muscle recovery supplements

Most of the bodybuilders ignore the need for muscle rehab while opting for high-intensity weightlifting. The muscles in the body need proper time to recover from the wear and tear which is caused due to the high-intensity workout. As the intensity of the workout increases, the stress on the muscles also increases.


In order to help the muscles recover, you can opt for the muscle recovery supplements which would help you in recovering at a quicker pace from the wear and tear. We would today not only share with you top recovery supplements but also help you understand why you need muscle recovery supplements.


What is the need of muscle recovery supplements?

Muscle recovery supplements help you by:

• Reducing the tension in the muscles

• Preventing the breakdown of muscles
• Enhancing the speed of muscle repair

When you consume such muscle recovery supplements according to the prescribed dosage during your workout days, it would be easier for you to minimize the need for taking a break throughout the week. This is due to the faster speed of recovery.


We would today share with you 6 top recovery supplements which you can opt for.


1. Whey protein:

Whey protein has a reliable amino acid profile. Owing to this very reason, it can help you in repairing your muscles as well as aiding the growth of muscles. These supplements also consist of glutamine acid as well as BCAA. The whey protein concentrate present in these supplements provide you with a low-fat protein source for your body which helps the muscles to repair faster. One such whey protein supplement which you can use is:

• Myprotein impact whey protein:

Impact whey protein is a concentrated protein powder. It consists of 80% of protein. Also, it is easily absorbed by the body which ensures that you are able to get maximum protein. Ideally, you should consume it around 45 minutes after the workout.

Whey protein provides your body with amino acids which are necessary for muscle synthesis. As higher protein balance can be achieved in the body, the muscle mass in the body is also increased. Also, this results in better muscle recovery, as well as the wear and tear, is taken care of quite quickly due to higher protein levels in the body. Myprotein also helps you in increasing the muscle strength in the body.


Owing to all of these reasons, these supplements are one of the best options which you have when it comes to muscle recovery.


2. Glutamine:

Glutamine provides your body with the necessary amino acids in order to stop the muscle wasting and to repair the wear and tear quickly. During the workout, the normal glutamine levels in the body can decrease by half. If this state continues for a longer period of time, it would trigger muscle wasting in the body. In such a state, muscles would be used by the body to generate the required amount of energy. By consuming glutamine at this stage, you would be able to hold the use of muscles for producing energy. In addition to that, glutamine would also initiate the process of muscles synthesis which would help you repair the muscles in your body. One such supplement which you can use in order to opt for faster muscle recovery is:

• L-glutamine:

L-Glutamine improves muscle hydration after the workout. Moreover, it also heals the injuries as well as cramps in the muscles quite quickly. The best time to consume it is right after the workout which ensures that you are able to bring the glutamine levels back to normal in your body. This would also help you in increasing your physical strength as well as stamina.

3. BCAA:

BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids. These acids are actually necessary for tissue synthesis in the body. Leucine is one such BCAA which is primarily used for the tissue synthesis of the skeletal muscles. It not only helps you in recovering from your workout quicker by healing the muscles but also it reduces the swelling of the muscles post workout. The BCAA’s contain the amino acids in ample quantities and also in the form which can be absorbed faster by the body. This ensures that the muscle synthesis starts soon after the workout. This is the reason why BCAA supplements are so effective in muscle recovery. One such supplement which you can try is:

• Betancourt plus series BCAA:

Betancourt plus Series BCAA consists of 2 different types of leucine which help the body in muscle protein synthesis. This is the reason why it is so effective. It also consists of a significant quantity of zinc which further helps muscle building. Thus, if you’re looking for BCAA supplement in order to aid muscle recovery, this is the perfect supplement for you.

4. Creatine:

Creatine supplements are able to increase the phosphocreatine resynthesis in our body during the rest period. This leads to a more consistent form of protein synthesis within the muscles of our body. This is the reason why these supplements are able to provide you with faster muscle recovery. One such supplement which you can use is:

• Transparent labs strength series: Creatine HMB:

Each serving of this creatine supplement consists of 2 grams of leucine which is necessary for the muscle synthesis in the body. Thus, you would be able to trigger the muscle synthesis quite easily with the help of this supplement. This would help you in repairing the wear and tear of the muscles during the resting period. As the speed of muscle repair would be increased, the recovery period required would be reduced.

5. Casein Protein:

Casein Protein is digested at a slower rate by the body. It takes around 3 to 4 hours in order to reach the peak level of amino acids in the blood. Therefore, it initiates the protein synthesis in the muscles at the later stage. The total time period required in order to fully absorb Casein Protein in the body is around 7 hours. Since the amino acids are released into the blood at a slower rate, you can be sure that it works on muscle repair for an extended period of time which is perfect for night time recovery. One such supplement which you can use is:

• Optimum Nutrition Gold standard Casein protein:

When you go through the ingredient list of this protein powder, you would find that it consists of BCAA as well as glutamine. Both of these promote protein muscle synthesis which can build your muscles at a faster pace. With ingredients like that, it comes as no surprise that it is pretty effective when it comes to muscle recovery.

6. Zma:

Zma is a mixture of Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B6. Zinc is essential for muscle protein synthesis in the body and also for producing the required amount of cellular energy. On the other hand, magnesium is necessary for providing the muscles with neurochemicals which are essential for triggering the various muscle functions in the body. Thus, both of these ingredients combined can certainly increase the pace of muscle protein synthesis. This is one of the main reasons why such supplements can actually help muscle recovery. One such supplement which you can use is:

• Master machine nutrition MM90 ZMA:

This supplement consists of 10.5 mg of vitamin B6, 450 mg of magnesium aspartate and 30 mg of Zinc Mono-L-Methionine Aspartate. All these ingredients combined, as explained above are not only able to initiate the process of muscle synthesis but also enhance its speed which ensures that muscle recovery takes place at a faster pace.

So, if you’re looking for building muscles at the enhanced pace, rather than just cutting down on the resting time, it is a much better idea to opt for these top recovery supplements which would automatically help you in curtailing the resting time and enhancing the muscle synthesis to help you achieve the perfect physique in a shorter period of time.

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