Top 25 Healthy Superfood Food To Help Aid Your Fat Loss

Top 25 Healthy Superfood Food To Help Aid Your Fat Loss

Regular workout is a great way to build muscle and lose weight, but if you want to achieve real results of burning fat, your diet matters. In fact, reducing some pounds doesn’t mean to drive yourself – it’s all about selecting the suitable foods that meet your demand without calories. Here’s a list of 25 healthy foods that can help you burn fat and lose weight effectively.

1. Cinnamon

Sprinkling a small quantity of cinnamon in your smoothie or morning coffee has been scientifically proved to aid in improving metabolism, controlling cravings, and regulating levels of blood sugar. 
2. Lentils
Consider adding some lentils int your daily meals. In addition to being a great source of fiber and lean protein, lentils are also rich in resistant starch. This form of carbohydrate plays a key role in making you lose weight quicker and burn more calories.
3. Spaghetti squash
With approximately 40 calories in each serving, spaghetti squash is the secret of many low-carb dieters as it can make them feel indulging, but in a healthy way. For this reason, it is a perfect choice for a busy weekday. All that you need to do is scooping out the long, thin flesh from the container, and enjoy your meal without the bloated, stuffed feeling.
4. Eggs
If you want to feel full in the whole morning, then go ahead and eat the whole eggs for your breakfast. Not only can eggs provide you with much-needed protein, but the yolks are also high in essential nutrients.
5. Quinoa
Quinoa is a versatile ingredient that can be added to any meals of the day. Additionally, it is also a superfood with a great source of fiber and protein so that you will feel full for a longer period.
6. Green tea
Sipping a cup of green tea in the morning and throughout the day has been proved to be a good way to suppress the appetite, improve the metabolism, as well as keep your body hydrated for a tip-top shape.
7. Dark chocolate 
To reduce your cravings for cookies or candies in the kitchen, it is advisable to stock up on a high-quality bar of dark chocolate. Many people report that this is a good choice to help them lose weight.
8. Peppers
Capsaicin, the main compound that makes the spice of peppers, has been found to contain metabolism-improving components. So keep in mind to spice up your dinner a little bit with jalapenos, chili peppers or anything similar to burn more calories in your body.
9. Apples
Apples are rich in fiber pectin, a type of soluble fiber that can help to suppress your appetite. So whenever you feel hungry for dessert, just grab and bite an apple.
10. Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are great foods to lose weight and suppress your cravings mainly because they contain a lot of fiber, which can keep you feel full longer and help to control the levels of blood sugar.
11. Pearls
Just like apples, pearls are also high in pectin. So when you eat a pearl as the snack, you might just feel like you have eaten a little bit less when your mealtime comes.
12. Popcorn
Popcorn is one of the foods with antioxidants that low in calories (about 150). This makes it a good substitute when you have cravings for greasy, salty chips. Stay away from melted butter, and grab healthy popcorn to enjoy your favorite movie.
13. Strawberries
Scientific studies have proved that the antioxidant anthocyanin, which can be found in strawberries, plays an essential role in changing gene activities in fat cells so that you can reduce the risks of gaining weight. Thus, remember to add them to everything in the summer.
14. Oatmeal
Try switching your bowl of cereal in the breakfast for cereal, and you will see the fat in your body disappear quickly. Due to high fiber amounts, those who consume oatmeal will feel more satisfied and full longer than those ate cereal.
15. Beans
Beans can be stored easily in the pantry and are a great source of protein, so it’s advisable to stock up on this healthy ingredient for a low-calorie, hearty meal that will not require too long to prepare. 
16. Salmon
Just like other fishes, salmon is a rich source of omega 3. This fatty acid is good for your body for many reasons, including a healthy heart and low blood pressure. More importantly, omega3 can lower inflammation, meaning that you can recover quicker after a long training session in the gym and build stronger muscles.
17. Chia seeds
Omega 3, protein, fiber – all of them can be found in chia seeds. Moreover, they will plump if you add liquid so that you can feel fuller just with a small amount. Sprinkle these healthy seeds in your bowl of oatmeal or smoothies to maximize its health benefits.
18. Soups
The broth-based soup is a close friend of any healthy eater simply because it is low in calories, quite convenient, and can fill you up easily. Carefully look for BPA-free or low-sodium cans of soup to eat during the week.
19. Yogurt
Those dieters who eat dairy every day as a part of their calorie-restricted schedule report to lose for fat than those who do not. Indeed, yogurt is full of protein and can be used in many ways, such as in baking, cream replacement or marinade.
20. Nuts
Consuming about 1 ounce of nuts every day can bring a higher level of serotonin hormone, which can suppress your appetite. In addition, this substance can also help to reduce stress so that you can fight again obesity more effectively.
21. Lean Meat 
Meat is an indispensable part of our daily meal as it provides a great amount of protein for keeping you full and building muscle. However, keep in mind to go for processed meats and fatty cuts to ensure the usual calorie count that is good for your health.
22. Potatoes
Despite its high level of carbohydrates, potatoes are not our enemy. In fact, these foods can help you feel fullest and most satisfied because their skin is high in starch and fiber, which doesn’t have so many calories. Just make sure that you consume the skin and hold the bacon bits, sour cream, and melted butter.
23. Salsa
Homemade salsa is a simple solution to make a satisfying meal without any high-calorie ingredients. Indeed, it can bring a great flavor and taste to your salads, chicken, or fish.
24. Hummus
Always stock up hummus in your refrigerator, and you will never have cravings for unhealthy snacks again. By smearing this protein-packed food on salad greens or raw veggies, you can save a lot of calories during the process.
25. Avocado
Use fat to fight fat: the avocado is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that reduce fat in your belly. Just put some slices in the morning toast or try it at lunch, you will find it easier to achieve the final goal of losing weight.

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