How to approach a New Years Resolution Successfully

How to approach a New Years Resolution Successfully

What are your resolutions for new year? There are
many things that are treated with utmost importance in people’s new year
resolution list. In most cases, the resolutions boarder on regular exercise,
weight loss, healthy eating, saving more and spending more quality time with
loved ones. So how should you approach a
new year resolution weight loss? Below are tips to follow.

Develop a workout plan

Failure to have a plan in advance is a sure way to
inhibit your new year weight loss resolution. Having a well drafted workout
plan is important in helping you stay on course. How many days will you work
out in a week? What types of exercises will you undertake? Is a personal trainer
necessary? These are some of the things that should be in your workout plan.

Follow a routine

Teach yourself to integrate exercise into your daily
routine. Even if you spare only 10 minutes of walking or running in the
morning, stick to it until it becomes a habit. Following a routine enhances
consistency and nurtures motivation to become fit.

Set goals as opposed to resolutions

In your weight loss journey, trackable goals achieve
better results as opposed to general resolutions. Trackable goals have specific
weight loss actions that you intend to implement. For example, deciding to
engage in physical exercise four times a week is a specific goal which can be
achieved. However, resolving to be health conscious can be quite difficult to achieve.
You hardly know what you need to do to become healthier. In general, your aim
should be to implement small changes that gradually lead to long-term and
healthy weight loss.

Purchase a fitness book or DVD

Your busy work schedule and other personal
commitments can interfere with your commitment to exercise. In such a case, a fitness
book or DVD is an appealing way to approach your weight loss journey. You can integrate a fitness DVD to complement
your workout plan. Fitness DVDs offer multiple exercise alternatives which you
can engage in. For example, some DVDs provide dance-based exercises and others
focus on cardio exercises. Fitness books provide a wealth of information
concerning effective weight loss. Such books enlighten individuals on a healthy
diet plan, benefits of exercise among other things.

Keep a calendar to track results

As you strive to fulfill your weight loss resolution,
you have to be accountable at all times. An accountability system such as a
calendar to monitor your progress is important. Keeping a calendar supports you
in fulfilling your weight loss goals. You are able to monitor your progress on
a weekly or monthly basis. Besides, technology has made it possible to have
advanced calendars such as Google Calendar which tracks your fitness results. For instance, if
you decide to workout twice a week, Google Calendar will suggest the time to do
so. It also has the visual performance tracker that shows your progress.

In conclusion, working towards realizing your new
year weight loss resolution requires dedication. If you are committed to
actualize your new year resolution of weight loss, you will achieve a desirable
state of mind, body and spirit in the end.

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