The Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet

For people who are searching ways on how to lose weight, picking the best diet seems daunting. A lot of diets are currently flooding the market, so it’s a stress for many novices who are just beginning their weight loss program. Although adding a few pounds is no longer a problem in today’s society, losing weight offers many benefits, especially when it comes to health. Selecting the best diet is therefore essential for food to be a success. Among the famous diets, today is the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet overview

The ketogenic diet became popular because it is a low-fat diet that is easier for many dieters that prefer consuming foods with higher fat and protien. The diet focuses on low carbohydrate intake that would then force the body into a state of ketosis. This situation is a natural means of the body where the body decomposes food in a slower way than our body is used to. This state is what the body is subjected to when it is in survival mode.

Ketogenic Meal plan

The best meal plan for a ketogenic diet includes 25% protein,70% fat and 5% carbohydrates. The source of carbohydrates comprises dairy products, vegetables, and nuts. The intake of refined carbohydrates is a big no-no because they are highly processed; It can also carry empty carbohydrates and high levels of sugar that the body does not need. Low-carb vegetables are highly recommended and include leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, green cabbage, kale, and cauliflower.

About fats or oils, picking healthy foods can benefit your health. Examples include avocado, almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, sesame, olives, organic coconut, and even dark chocolate are healthy. Remember to reduce hydrogenated oil or heated vegetable oils, as they come with trans fats that can clog the heart.

Because proteins help repair tissues and cells, protein absorption is important. The source of protein and cut options should also be considered because some parts are larger and contain less protein. Examples of protein sources include grass-fed meats or wild games, outdoor poultry, fish or shellfish, shellfish, whole eggs and whey protein powders.

Benefits of the ketogenic diet

These are just a brief description of the ketogenic dietary foods that beginners will find useful to revive their diet. Before starting a diet or weight loss plan, it is important that you seek the advice of your nutritionist or doctor to ensure that all health problems are discussed and considered. These benefits of the ketogenic diet include;


After a ketogenic diet, your body gets used to using ketones as the main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. And the energy received from ketones is much better than that received from carbohydrates.

Ease Burning of fat

Ketosis usually occurs when the body’s glucose level decreases and you start using stored fat as fuel to perform bodily functions.

Loss of fat without muscles

It is not easy to burn fat without losing muscle, and most people end up losing their muscles instead of fat when it comes to dieting. And the cyclic ketogenic diet is an ideal way to lose any excess fat without compromising internal body functions and compositions.

No more feeling hungry.

A ketogenic diet keeps you full for hours thus preventing any sensation of strange hunger. When you eat less and eat less, we talk about limiting the consumption of excess calories, and you tend to lose weight.

Help heal health diseases.

If you are a diabetic patient, the ketogenic diet is a miracle for you. Consuming more sugar than the body needs increases the level of sugar in the blood and causes diabetes. A ketogenic low carb diet allows you to have the regulated amount of carbohydrates without altering blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

How to stay in ketosis

It is looking for fast and maximum results, but it is extremely sensitive to the obtaining process. Every weight loss management plan needs a sacrifice amount, as well as the dieter’s commitments. But the focus of low carb diet ketosis can be one of the most difficult because it will change the most sacred routine of all foods among Western cultures: enjoy a full meal. It certainly is not a picnic, but the procedure can be simplified by having the right products and the right program, and the results can be spectacular.

He uses it for a particular period, in the short term: the alternative meal plan can work so fast, and he may decide to follow it for a while. You have acquired the taste and habit of consuming the delicious meal replacements that you think stay in the diet program for an unlimited period. However, you must understand that the sustainable caloric deficit in your system may not be good on an extended basis. Enjoy the diet only as an impetus for significant weight reduction or as a procedure for a great opportunity soon or under the strict supervision of doctors.

You have selected an effective and well-designed system. Food replacement technology requires continuous and careful monitoring by experts. It can be dangerous to do it on your own, although it is not practical to have your doctor. The best solution is to join a meal replacement program that offers a complete solution, from the provision of recommended items to the acquisition of healthy habits, and the persistence of a healthy, energetic and healthy lifestyle. Healthy.

What is the most suitable ketogenic diet for?

Everyone is looking for a way to return to the great body that they used to have. Who would have thought that the answer is in foods high in fat? Once the body starts to use fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrates, your body has entered into the state of ketosis.

In this state, you feel less hungry. The body that uses fat as energy combined with its reduced appetite can cause a rapid weight loss in the diet. So, we are speaking all about replacing carbohydrates with High fat, but what foods will exactly qualify for this type of improved diet?

The diet seems simple enough, but remember, this diet has been developed by doctors to use it as a treatment for patients with epilepsy. A doctor has supervised it, and it is recommended that you consider similar advice.


In our search for better fat and body loss, many of us will try anything. A ketogenic diet can help you achieve your goals, but it can also be risky. High fat, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions may occur during a diet like this. Combining the diet with a rigorous and consistent exercise routine will certainly help limit the existence and severity of such conditions, but does not entirely avoid them. Be careful, do your research and seek the advice of your doctor when you start a modified diet or exercise plan.

If your serious about starting a ketogenic diet check out the ketosis cook book with recipes to ensure your body stays in ketosis so you can burn fat faster.

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