Get Faster Results with Compound Movements

Compound exercises are one of the best ways to gain the mass and increase the strength. That is why many people choose compound exercises as part of their muscle building routines. What are the main advantages? You can get fast results with visible changes. Compound movements work multiple joints which means they target large and small muscle groups at the same time. As a result, it increases protein synthesis in the muscle you weren’t even intending on working out, therefore, resulting in more growth.

How do compound exercises affect the body?

When you perform compound exercises, several changes occur in the body. Testosterone increases with heavy compound movements such as deadlifts and bench press. Testosterone increases protein synthesis in the body, as a result, increases the ability to gain muscle or lose fat. Each training session will develop a healthy response to testosterone imbalances, and the chain reaction will result in developing a better physique.

What are the exact exercises

If you wonder what exercises are part of the program, here is the list. The most popular compound exercises are:

• Flat Bench Press
• Deadlifts
• Military Press
• Squats
• Dips

Flat Bench Press is a chest exercise also slightly targets the shoulders and triceps. The variations can be performed with hands that are closer or wider on the bar. At the same time, you can choose the incline bench press, which targets the upper chest, while the decline bench press targets the lower part of your chest. It is important to mix up the variations from time to time to obtain a well balanced overall physique.

Deadlift is another compound exercise that increases the overall strength. This time, the main focus is on the quads. Deadlifts works several muscles from the back to the entire lower body. There are various types of deadlift exercises. The conventional methods is regular leg position with attention to back position. Other variations can be incorporated to work the muscle at a different angle. When performing this exercise it’s important to note that proper form is necessary in order to avoid the injuries.

Military Press develops deltoid muscles and trapezius. It is an ideal option for growing the shoulders. The exercise can be performed standing or seated. Seated is the best option in order to focus on the working muscle and develop a mind-muscle connection.

Squats represents the ultimate compound exercise for the lower body. Not so many exercises develop the quads and glutes in the way that squat does. For this reason, most workout lovers include the squats in their training. The main purpose is to develop strength on the lower body and the back as you are able to lift the most on deadlift opposed to any other exercises.

Dip’s are one of the most popular exercises and it is with a good reason. First of all, it does not require much equipment, so if you’re a beginner dips is an ideal way to develop a good chest. Dips target the lower part of your chest at an angle which can’t be achieved with the bench press as well as extending all the way up targets your triceps. to put more emphasis on the chest lean slightly forward while you are performing this exercise.

With the mentioned compound exercises, the whole body gets the benefits. You will be able to build muscle while increasing strength at the same time. Compound exercises are ideal if you want high intensity workout with the focus on large muscle groups. This way, the whole body develops gradually and the progress is much faster.

What to expect as a result

If you are consistent enough, compound exercises bring great rewards. Not only you will see better muscle development, but your strength will increase dramatically as well. compound exercises are hard to perform if your a beginner, but that is where the progress is made. The more brutal the exercise, the more rewarding it is. That is how the development starts, especially if you want to maximize your gainz. These exercises are great for the whole body, as long as you are willing to give your best at the training sessions. Include compound exercises if you want to maximize results.

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