Evreything You Need To Know About ZMA

Evreything You Need To Know About ZMA
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ZMA is one of the most recognized supplements out there; ask any bodybuilder, athletes or even average people about the most recommended supplement when it comes to muscle recovery, strengths, and better sleep, and they will most likely recommend ZMA. The question is, is it worth the hype?

ZMA supplement is made up of Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Numerous clinical research has supported that a combination of these three elements has many fundamental health benefits. Some researchers have claimed that the combination enhances muscles recovery, increases muscle strength and better sleep and some have reported that the combination can help lose weight, but ZMA offers more than these basic benefits.

ZMA Benefits:

Enhanced Immune system

You probably have had this experience before; you are at home contemplating whether to head on to the gym or not. Well, if you have no major injuries, you probably must pursue your workout program, because its normal to feel that way. If this does occur often, then you might want to consider boosting your immune system, so that illness does not keep you out of your program.

Its been well known that Zinc supplementation is imperative in immune function. A study from Wayne University school of medicine shows that zinc supplementation is important in decreasing levels of oxidation stress.

Since zinc is the primary component in ZMA, adding it to your training program give you a better chance of warding off that common illness that suppresses your immune system.

Promotes Thyroid Hormone

Using Zinc supplementation has been shown to promote the concentration of thyroid hormones. A four-week study was conducted on ten volunteers who did never exercise. Each one was given a supplement containing zinc sulfate daily and their normal diet and their thyroid hormones levels determined before, and after four weeks of study, The study found that within four weeks, both resting and fatigue hormones levels increased that before supplementation.

Exercise will decrease your thyroid hormones, but the best ZMA supplement will prevent this decrease. Thyroid-regulating hormones also control the metabolic rates which further determines how your body muscles are built. In other words, ZMA so will increase your metabolic rates which build up muscles while at the same time burning off stubborn body fats.

Improves Testosterone Levels

The higher your level of testosterone, the higher your chances of synthesizing muscle mass. Again Zinc is one of the minerals known to promote testosterone levels. A study by Journal of Human Reproductive Science showed that consumption of at least 5mg of Zinc every day increases testosterone levels in the body. ZMA and most other similar products contain these amount, so you should be able to achieve the dosage required to increase your levels.

Maintain Healthy systems

Your body uses magnesium for proper functioning of bones, nerves as well as muscles. Studies have shown that there are over 300 chemical reactions in the body, that keeps it functioning properly and all these reactions require magnesium.

Typically, magnesium can be found in green leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy. Whole grains, and nuts, so there are plenty of sources out there, but when combined with Zinc, Magnesium can help maximise proper functioning of the body system. Especially to sportsmen and women. It helps them build stronger bones and muscles.

Prevents Nutrition deficiency

Research has shown that athletes and bodybuilders often become deficient in both zinc and mineral. Recent research from International Journal of Sports Nutrition shows that zinc loses much higher than other minerals. It accounts for 9% of the RDA for men and 8% for women compared to other minerals loss which typically accounts for 3%. Basically, these minerals are lost through sweat when training or due to increases usage of the minerals by the body for recovery. Dietary factors may also be involved, for instance, it been well established that white flour products significantly lower levels of zinc and magnesium.

Others such as dairy products prevent absorption of both minerals by the small intestine. ZMA has the required content of zinc and magnesium, so, a large number of minerals you lose as you train is replaced, giving you exactly what you need to proceed with your daily activities as usual.

Who is ZMA for?

ZMA supplement offers so many benefits, and we can see that Zinc is the primary contributors to these benefits, but that does not mean that you should choose a product with zinc over ZMA. A combination of Zinc and magnesium and vitamin b6 is what makes ZMA supplement perfect for those looking to get leaner, stronger and bigger. It is not only meant for bodybuilder and athletes but everyone people who want to build muscle and help recovery, have a better sleep while at the same time burning those stubborn fats.

Best ZMA supplementĀ 

With all the benefits ZMA has to offer, finding one that you can count remains quite a challenge. Here, we have made it easier for you to find the best ZMA supplement in the market right now.


1. TruZMA:

TruZMA is one of the most popular PESscience ZMA supplement. In addition to Zinc, Magnesium, and vitamin, it contains Shilijat that has boost men testosterone levels significantly.

2: Prima Force

PrimaForce is a simple ZMA product with no additional ingredients other than higher doses of the three components. It a good option for those with a tight budget.

3: Vita Direct

Same as PrimaForce ZMA, no other ingredient is present on Vita Direct. The product is new, but a trustworthy to consider.

4: Optimum Nutrition ZMA

Optimum nutrition is quite a popular brand, a go-to product for gyms goers, but unlike others ZMA, it adds its patented blend of ingredients on the zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin.

5: Universal Nutrition ZMA pro

Universal Nutrition ZMA pro contains the standard dosage of ZMA and comes in pills form for your convenience.

6: MusclePharm Z-Core PM

MusclePharm advertises their ZMA as a natural sleep aid formula. In addition to Magnesium, Zinc, MusclePharm adds other ingredients aimed to boost sleep after an intense workout.


MET -RX is a pretty straightforward ZMA supplement and contains nothing less of industry standards dosage of ZMA. It is not your cheapest option; it is reasonably priced.

8: TwinLab ZMA

Twinlab contains standard dosages of ZMA but adds small quantities of triglycerides on its product, Its a bit on expensive side, but very popular.

9: Nutrabio ZMA

If you are looking for a pure option, then Nutrabio is your best bet. It contains clinically proven dosages of the key ingredients with no fillers or addiction, but unlike other similar simple ZMA supplements, you will have to dig deeper in your pocket.

10: Allmax Nutrition

Allmax is one of the most purchased ZMA supplement due to its backing by an industry-leading manufacturer. It offers standards dosage of ZMA without fillers or additives. It reasonably priced as with other straightforward ZMA supplements.

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