The Benefits Of Carb Cycling

Benefits of carb cycling

The benefits of carb cycling varies from one individual to another as everyone has his/her own response to carbohydrates. Experts reveal
that high carb days tend to generate an insulin response that moves nutrients into the muscle cells which makes them to grow. This has been seen to lead positive feelings and happy hormones in one’s body. On the hand during the low carb days there will be fat loss as your body will burn fat instead of sugar. Fats and proteins are use in low carb days for fuel. There many benefits that both low carb cycling and high carb cycling can provide some of the are as discussed below:

Lean muscle retention

One can use Carb cycling for weight gain and fat loss. By incorporating some low carb days in your mass gain program, your body will get a chance to reduce some body fat due to increased fatty acids breakdown and reduced lipogenesis. If you add some high carb days in your program you will have an anabolic environment that will lead to gaining muscles due to reduced breakdown of proteins and increased uptake of amino acids.

Can lead to increased insulin sensitivity

Medical experts reveal that long period of high carb and low carbs can result to impaired insulin sensitivity as the body cells will become
resistant to this hormone making the pancreas to produce more insulin hormone to curb the problem of high sugar level. So that one ensures that there is optimal sensitivity he/she should vary the intake of carbohydrates so that the release of insulin varies.

High carb days can refuel the muscle glycogen which may reduce the muscle breakdown and improve the appetite regulating hormone ghrelin and leptin. By engaging yourself in hard training and having some days of low carbs you can reduce the amount of glycogen stored in your muscles. This can lead to increased production of glycogen synthase will turn glucose into glycogen. If you happen to raise your intake of carbs it will take some days for your body to recognize that it has enough glucose for the enzyme.

Can lead to endocrine stimulation- experts have proved that many days of low carbs intake can lead to reduced levels of thyroid hormone. This can lead to reduction in amount of calories burnt at rest thus leading to low fat loss in the body. On the other hand, high carbs days will boost the production of thyroid hormone and allowing one to lose more body fat.

Another benefit of carb cycling is that it will make you to plan ahead and reduce veggies. For some individuals who wish to try out some
high carb days it can be exciting; they should remember to seek professional guidance or read online documentaries of people who have experienced this. The funny thing with carb cycling is that it is a double edged sword as one has to practice both low carb days and high carb days. In summary if you wish to have a healthy and strong body you should try carb cycling.

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