Build Bigger Arms

Build Bigger Arms

The search for chiseled chest and sleeve-busting biceps has made many bodybuilders try nearly anything to acquire more muscles and get better results. If you are tired of having small biceps that can’t fit in your T-shirt, read this article for the ultimate bicep workout routine.

Every arm workout technique hits the required muscle fibers, which helps in sparking the muscle developments you have been looking for. The following master list of exceptional arm workouts from the most experienced gym operators and coaches will help you get the results you need. 

Barbell curl

Barbell biceps curls are the first biceps workout you need to perform. It lets you to overwork the biceps with excess weight. Given that the majority of trainees tend to be stronger when lighting a barbell than when lifting a set of dumbbells, this offers maximum strength development.

When performing this workout, make sure you are not cutting the movement pattern and don’t allow momentum to make you lean backward as you lift the barbells upwards. Since momentum will do more of the work than your muscles, try to do the workout in a slow and controlled way to lessen the chances of this occurring. This will let you put a higher intensity deep in the muscle fibers. 

Incline dumbbell curl

This workout plays a vital role in preventing that momentum issue from taking place since it restricts the back movement. While performing this exercise, you will experience maximum tension in the biceps muscles belly.

Provided you push yourself hard, working out with lower weight but maintaining an appropriate form will help you get the best results. This is a perfect technique if you are targeting different muscle fibers. 

Standing biceps cable curl
If you aim to target different muscle fibers and deep-tissue muscle fibers, cable curls are the sure bet. Due to the constant tension offered by the cables, you will experience a less stable movement.

This helps you stabilize the muscles that surround the biceps as you perform the exercise. 
Various attachments can be used to execute the cable curls. They include a straight bar, rotating cable handles or rope that lets you work one arm at a time. 

Drop sets
This is a method where you execute your workouts as you reduce the weight and continue for more reps up to the time you reach failure. It is also called the multi-poundage system.

Drop sets are considered as the best technique because you are recruiting a specific amount of muscle fibers in each set. When you reduce the weight while doing the exercise, you are recruiting different muscle fibers. This helps the muscles to attain the growth that cannot be attained by using the same weight. 

A superset is where an individual performs two similar workouts back-to-back without resting in between. Since this movement extends the duration set for the exercise, the target muscles are forced to work harder than normal.which in return will allow you to get bigger arms.

This makes it the best technique when targeting different muscle fibers of your arm. A good example is when you are doing a set of biceps curls, and a set of triceps dips in an alternating manner until you complete all the sets. 

There are numerous workout techniques out there that promise best results when performing the exercise. Some will focus on strenuous workouts while others with bringing best results with minimal training. Since it is hard to get a technique that delivers, the five methods highlighted above will help you build those biceps and triceps that you need.

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