Best Equipment for Building Muscle at Home


Health and fitness require finding a perfect balance between eating well and doing exercises. Exercising, however, is far more complex, in that it’s   daunting and hard to exercise in just the right way. That is why many people  prefer going to the gym where there is equipment for every exercise and   purpose. But going to the gym is not something everyone will be
able to do, due to varied reasons. When you find yourself in such a situation,you are left with the option of only working out at home. And now the question is, which is the best home gym kit to build muscle?

The key to exercising at home with the intention to build muscle is acquiring the right equipment that allow you to exercise every part of your body. That means you need to exercise your chest and back just as much as you exercise your biceps to get the results you are looking for. The best home gym kit to build muscle should consist of the following equipment.

  1. Dumbbells

It should come as no surprise that dumbbells are on this list. That is because dumbbells are versatile and are a good way to get your strength training exercises up and running for a beginner. You can make a choice between the adjustable cast iron dumbbells and the adjustable dumbbells,
though the latter is the most suitable option. Unlike iron cast dumbbells,
adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the weight by just a mere turn of a dial. Either way, dumbbells are a good set of equipment that any home gym kit to build muscle should have.

  1. Workout
    bench/weight-lifting bench

Next to dumbbells, every home gym kit should also consist of a weight-lifting bench or a workout bench. Needless to say, a workout bench allows you to perform a wide array of exercises and weight-lifting techniques that would otherwise be impossible to do without one. You can do workouts, like dumbbell bench presses (incline, decline or flat), leg raises and decline sit-ups, among others. A weightlifting bench can do unimaginable things and does a lot more in giving your body form and maintaining the right posture while performing your exercises.

  1. Elastic
    bands/resistance bands

Granted it’s a simple exercise tool, you might fail to take a resistance band seriously, but all that changes once you realize its benefits. You can perform intense strength training feats just by using an elastic band. You can do workouts, like bicep curls, chest presses, shoulder presses, push-ups, squats, as well as tricep extensions.

  1. Medicine

The best thing about medicine balls is that you exercise machine-free. All you need is the ball itself, the right form and you can perform strength training exercises, like squats, lunges, curls, as well as sit-ups. All in all, medicine balls can get your entire body involved in various exercises that enhance your muscles.

  1. jump rope

Believe it or not, a jump rope also fits in this home gym kit to build muscle. More specifically, it enhances the leg muscles and builds endurance in that part of the body. It’s also a perfect way to burn fat and tone the rest of the body muscles. There are a number of other equipment, which you can rely on to build your body muscles, such as pull-up bars, push-up bars and ab wheels.

 These basic equipment are just what you need for the best home gym kit to build muscle 

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