The 10 best Fitness watches and trackers: that can help you boost & track your progress

The 10 best Fitness watches and trackers: that can help you boost & track your progress

If you are thinking of buying an activity wristband or smartwatch that serves not only to monitor your daily activity and receive mobile notifications but also as a substitute for a sports heart rate monitor, you’re in luck. There are numerous models that, in addition to the functionalities of their class, allow monitoring of all types of sports, including running.

An activity wristband or a smartwatch can perform in many cases the same functions as a running watch or a multisport watch. But it is important that you choose an appropriate device since not all smartwatches and activity wristbands are designed to keep track of different sports activities.

If you find it difficult to choose from the wide range of wearables – which includes activity monitors, fitness wristbands, and smartwatches – this list with the best smartwatches and activity wristbands with integrated GPS for running and multisport training will help you find your ideal device.


List of the best multisport watches and running watches

Garmin Vivoactive

The renowned Garmin brand makes an excellent sample of its long experience in the manufacture of watches for athletes in this combination of activity wristband and smartwatch.

In addition to all the traditional fitness features in the devices of this brand with which you can monitor all types of sports, including of course running, also integrates smartwatch features so you can receive on your wrist all notifications from your phone ( messages, calls, emails, social networks …). A multisport watch that will not disappoint you.


-Multi-sport monitoring (running, swimming, cycling …).
-Monitor multiple sports without the need to synchronize with the Smartphone.
-Huge color screen, high resolution and with good visibility in the sun.

Garmin Forerunner 220

If you carry the word “runner” in your name, it will be something. This running watch has all the necessary functionalities to monitor your training in the race, taking note of the distance traveled, speed and pace. 

It is much more focused on running than the Garmin Vivoactive model, so it does not have the features available to monitor other sports.


-Monitor distance, pace, and speed in the race.
-Excellent GPS operation.
-The possibility of sharing data in social networks.

Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50

Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, voice recognition, digital compass, voice-to-text translation and notifications for calls, messages, emails and other applications, the Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50 is one of the most complete smartwatches to monitor your running training. 

With its integrated GPS, you will have all the details of your career directly on the wrist.


-GPS watch functions.
-It has all kinds of integrated sensors.
-Autonomy of up to 2 days.

Fitbit Surge

Halfway between activity wristband and Smartphone, this multisport watch monitors your physical activity at the same time it notifies you about notifications on the phone. 

You can use it not only to run but for all types of sports activity. Its integrated GPS allows you to measure both the distance traveled and the pace and elevation of the journey made, as well as visualize the route followed. In addition, it includes an integrated pulse sensor, which monitors the heart rate continuously and directly on the wrist, in addition to providing data on heart rate zones to optimize training.


-Monitoring of pace, distance, elevation, and route.
-Integrated heart rate sensor.
-Information about heart rate zones.-
-Monitoring of other fitness parameters: steps up, activity time, calories burned, steps taken …

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire

For lovers of outdoor sports, this smartwatch will be a perfect choice. Designed to withstand its use in all types of sports, it has an incredible shock resistance and is water resistant. 

In addition to running, you can monitor numerous sports activities, such as sky or hiking. It also incorporates smartwatch features and allows receiving mobile notifications on the wrist.


-High shock resistance, can be used in any sport.
-Color screen visible under the sun.
-Omni-directional EXO antenna that achieves greater accuracy than GPS alone.

Samsung Gear S

This smartwatch of excellent and elegant design will serve you as well as running GPS clock to monitor your training in the race as to perform all the same functions as a smartwatch. 

It does not need synchronization with the phone, since it supports standalone operation, so you can go running without your phone and still keep receiving all the mobile notifications on your wrist.


-No need to synchronize with the Smartphone to receive notifications.
-Multi-touch screen AMOLED 2 “, with elegant appearance and curb.
-Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Looking like a normal digital watch and designed in different colors, the Motorola Moto 360 Sport is able to act as a watch to run both indoors and outdoors. And it not only monitors running but acts as an excellent multi-sport watch for all types of activity.


-Monitor all types of activity.

Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Gear S2 has become one of the most popular smartwatches in the last year, thanks to its design, features, and compatibility with Android. Its incredible AMOLED screen allows excellent data visualization, and its rotating bezel provides easy navigation between menus and applications. 

It has a range of 1-2 days, and the battery charge is wireless. It can be used in synchronization with the Smartphone or independently.


-Easy navigation thanks to its rotating bezel.
-Shows mobile notifications (calls, messages, and others).
-Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.
-Necessary to connect to the internet to use the GPS.

TomTom Spark

In addition to measuring all the characteristic parameters of the running (distance, pace, speed), this running watch includes an integrated heart rate sensor with which you can control your pulse without the need for complementary pectoral bands. 

It works with almost any application for running and allows the reproduction of MP3 music to wireless headphones via Bluetooth. Its excellent features make it one of the best running watches you can find.


-A training program with different modes: race, objectives, laps …
-Playing music with wireless headphones.
-Integrated heart rate sensor.
-Recognition of heart rate zones.

Polar V800

Whether you are going to use it just for running, or if you also practice swimming or cycling, this multi-sport watch will make an exhaustive follow-up of all your activity on land or in water, whatever the sports conditions. It has a training tool to help you make more progress in addition to tracking them. 

In addition, its smartwatch functions will allow you to receive notifications of messages, calls, calendar appointments, social networks, etc., once synchronized with your phone.


-Measures speed, distance, and route in running, cycling and hiking.
-Different sports profiles to monitor the correct data.
-Suitable to be used also for swimming.

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